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Leave your pets happy and in safe hands when you go away AND save money...

As pet lovers, we all know that cats hate catteries. Pets are much less stressed if they can stay in familiar surroundings when you take your well earned break or business trip. I can help by visiting your home once or twice each day to feed them and ensure they are happy and have everything they need.

You may have an aquarium or a fishpond and your fish will need feeding when you are away. I can help. Do you have a budgerigar, parrot or even a whole aviary to worry about? I can clean out and feed your birds. Or maybe your pets include rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs or hamsters? Leave them to me.

Let me take the worry out of your trip away. Your pets will be lovingly cared for and you can relax. By arrangement, I can also water house plants, sort the post, turn lights on and off, draw curtains... even put a hoover round before you come back. I can text your mobile phone to let you know that your pets are fine.

Please call me or text me on 07890 610893 to arrange your worry-free trip. Altenatively click on the 'Contact us' button to email me. I would be delighted to help.



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